The New Union Church of New Rochelle has a number of active Ministries that serve both the congregation and the community.  

Youth Ministry

This is the stage of life is where our Youth are in life’s Pressure Cooker as they try to find their identity emotionally and socially as their bodies begin to change physically. This ministry will develop their talents and gifts, shape their thinking through the word of God and identify what is a healthy social circle. Ecclesiastes 12:1 

Young Adults Ministry

The Y.E.S. Ministry - Proverbs 23:19-25

Life begins at this stage because this is where independence takes place. Young Adults transition through so much within these ten years. They have to make critical decisions involving education, career, relationships, and starting their own family. Through fellowships, recreational activities, and social events strengthen their ability to develop their dreams and goals. More importantly teach need for their trust and dependency on God daily.

Women of Distinction Ministry
Men's Ministry
Christian Education Ministry

John 8:31, 2 Timothy 2:15 -This ministry is the lifeline of our Christian faith, belief and hope. This is where all believers are taught and trained and in addition their gifts from the Lord are developed for service within our Church and Communities. Our Bible Study, Sunday School, New Disciples Classes, Retreats, Tool Chest Ministry, Discipleship as a Lifestyle, Workshops and Seminars are presented. This is the one ministry that the entire Union Church Family is required to be a part of in order to be prepared to serve in other ministries

Voices of Praise Ministry
New Union Church
of New Rochelle

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